Don’t Argue on Twitter

Photo by Moran (for more of Moran’s work go to 9/28/2020 By Eli Elstein Happy Monday everyone, it’s another “Enter Your Week With Eli!” This week’s story comes from me, actually. I had the lovely opportunity to talk with people on Twitter about the Washington Football Team’s former racist identity. To be blunt: itContinue reading “Don’t Argue on Twitter”

Lookin’ Good

Photo by Anders Krøgh Jørgensen ( find more of Anders’s work at 9/14/2020 By Eli Elstein Boy oh boy, it’s Monday! And not only is it Monday, it’s the first Monday after a weekend of NFL football. Man that sounds great. Today on “Enter Your Week With Eli” we’ll be talking about why theContinue reading “Lookin’ Good”

Oh, Danny Boy

Photo by Anders Krøgh Jørgensen (To find more of Jørgensen’s work, go to September 2nd, 2020 By Mufaddal Anis Ever since I started following football, I’ve always appreciated Daniel Snyder’s inability to run the Washington Football Team franchise. His ineffectiveness as an owner made me so happy as an Eagles fan. No matter howContinue reading “Oh, Danny Boy”

Injured Players Are Not Just Chess Pieces

August 10th, 2020 By Eli Elstein Kelvin Harmon, a 2nd year Washington Football Team wide receiver out of North Carolina State, recently tore his ACL in preparations for what will hopefully be a 2020 NFL season. His injury, along with fellow Washington wide receiver Cody Latimer’s suspension, provides ample ammunition to the claim that Washington’sContinue reading “Injured Players Are Not Just Chess Pieces”