Black is the New Quarterback

Photo by Keith Johnston (For more of Keith’s work go to 9/7/2020 By Eli Elstein Oh baby, it’s Monday and you know what that means: another sweet sweet Enter Your Week With Eli where we discuss something interesting in sports. Today, I have something I’ve wanted to talk about for a long time, soContinue reading “Black is the New Quarterback”

State of Sports 09-04-20

Last 2 Weeks in Review It’s September, and that means a lot of exciting things happening in the sports world! We have the start of the NFL season coming up, playoff news from the NBA and NHL, amazing player-led activism across all sports, and much more. Welcome to this week’s edition of State of Sports.Continue reading “State of Sports 09-04-20”

Oh, Danny Boy

Photo by Anders Krøgh Jørgensen (To find more of Jørgensen’s work, go to September 2nd, 2020 By Mufaddal Anis Ever since I started following football, I’ve always appreciated Daniel Snyder’s inability to run the Washington Football Team franchise. His ineffectiveness as an owner made me so happy as an Eagles fan. No matter howContinue reading “Oh, Danny Boy”

Undeterred: The Story of Luis Perez

Photo By Binyamin Mellish (more of his work can be found at August 19th, 2020 By Mufaddal Anis The quarterback position in American football is arguably the most difficult to play in any sport. It takes intelligence, toughness, an innate ability to lead others, and above all else, years and years of practice. I’llContinue reading “Undeterred: The Story of Luis Perez”

Response to Protests (Ft. Branden)

Photo By Josh Olalde (other work can be found at August 14th, 2020 By Monty South Podcast Summary This week the “When the Lights Go Out” Podcast was hosted solely by Eli Elstein. However, due to the nature of the material covered in the “Response to Protests” podcast, we collectively thought that our ownContinue reading “Response to Protests (Ft. Branden)”