We Want To Play?

Photo by Alex Mertz (for more of Alex’s work go to https://unsplash.com/@alexmertz) September 23rd, 2020 By Mufaddal and Jacob The #WeWantToPlay movement took shape in mid-August, with Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence and Ohio State’s Justin Fields leading the charge, and it seems like they achieved their goal. College football is back, and now just three outContinue reading “We Want To Play?”

College Football’s Season Is Over

Photo By Frankie Lopez (check out more of his work @frankielopez on unsplash.com) August 17th, 2020 By Eli Elstein The Big Ten and Pac-12 Conferences have announced they will no longer have a 2020 College Football Season. This is an unfortunate end for all student athletes and coaches alike. Unlike in professional sports, actions inContinue reading “College Football’s Season Is Over”

Response to Protests (Ft. Branden)

Photo By Josh Olalde (other work can be found at josholalde.com) August 14th, 2020 By Monty South Podcast Summary This week the “When the Lights Go Out” Podcast was hosted solely by Eli Elstein. However, due to the nature of the material covered in the “Response to Protests” podcast, we collectively thought that our ownContinue reading “Response to Protests (Ft. Branden)”