The NFL Should Add New Teams (Part 2)

Photo by Hence the Boom on 10/16/2020 By Mufaddal Anis and Eli Elstein Last week we detailed why now is the time that 8 teams should be added to the NFL, and how we see this happening. This week we will be expanding on that idea by giving our pitches for some cities that deserveContinue reading “The NFL Should Add New Teams (Part 2)”

Spring Football League

September 25th, 2020 By Monty South Podcast Summary On this week’s episode Muf, Monty, and Eli are back to talk about football. Despite it being September the NFL is not the topic for today’s podcast. This time we are actually talking about the variety of spring football leagues that have been tried out recently. TuneContinue reading “Spring Football League”

The Return of Football

Photo by Josiah Day (for more of Josiah’swork go to September 16th, 2020 By Mishal Goel This past weekend we saw the return of the NFL. As usual, there were 16 games starting on Thursday and ending on Monday with a double header. Also this weekend, we saw the return of English futbol –Continue reading “The Return of Football”

Oh, Danny Boy

Photo by Anders Krøgh Jørgensen (To find more of Jørgensen’s work, go to September 2nd, 2020 By Mufaddal Anis Ever since I started following football, I’ve always appreciated Daniel Snyder’s inability to run the Washington Football Team franchise. His ineffectiveness as an owner made me so happy as an Eagles fan. No matter howContinue reading “Oh, Danny Boy”

State of Sports 08/21/20

Last 2 Weeks in Review Welcome to this edition of our State of Sports blog! The sports world has been a buzz with stories and we are only able to cover a few in our blog posts and podcasts, so here is everything we’ve covered and everything we missed! This post features news about collegeContinue reading “State of Sports 08/21/20”