No More Blog Posts

10/12/2020 Welcome back to the last “Enter Your Week With Eli.” We are stopping our blog and focusing all our attention on the podcast, with the final post coming out on Wednesday. Having three blog posts a week was unsustainable and we were burning out rather quickly. There still may be blog posts in theContinue reading “No More Blog Posts”

Don’t Argue on Twitter

Photo by Moran (for more of Moran’s work go to 9/28/2020 By Eli Elstein Happy Monday everyone, it’s another “Enter Your Week With Eli!” This week’s story comes from me, actually. I had the lovely opportunity to talk with people on Twitter about the Washington Football Team’s former racist identity. To be blunt: itContinue reading “Don’t Argue on Twitter”

Lookin’ Good

Photo by Anders Krøgh Jørgensen ( find more of Anders’s work at 9/14/2020 By Eli Elstein Boy oh boy, it’s Monday! And not only is it Monday, it’s the first Monday after a weekend of NFL football. Man that sounds great. Today on “Enter Your Week With Eli” we’ll be talking about why theContinue reading “Lookin’ Good”