Sports have a wide impact on the world

There definitely isn’t a lack of sports podcasts available to the world right now. Despite this, there is a distinct lack of podcasts that look at the impact that sports have on those involved, and the world as a whole. It’s for this reason that we strive to bring to light the stories of the wide impact that sports have on society.

Team Members

Muf is a graduate of Towson University with a degree in Sports Management, and a former employee of the Baltimore Ravens. As a 2020 grad, he was faced with trying to find a job in the dwindling sports industry during the coronavirus pandemic. Then, in conjunction with the other fine gentlemen listed on this page, we started When Lights Go Out. For Muf, this is a prime way to combine the only thing he’s really qualified to talk about (sports), with a creative outlet and issues he cares about. Muf’s favorite team is the Philadelphia Eagles, so his favorite sports memory should be the Eagles winning the SuperBowl, right? Well, while that is a fond memory for him (somewhere out there there’s a video of him drunk crying after the dub), his actual favorite experience is working and being in the stadium while the Baltimore Ravens thrashed the New England Patriots during the 2019-2020 season. His least favorite memory is the Eagles being done dirty by the Dolphins during the same season.
Eli is a graduate of the University of Maryland with degrees in Aerospace Engineering and Astronomy from Montgomery County, MD and is a life-long Washington sports fan. As a founding member and contributor of When the Lights Go Out, he hopes to shed light on interesting topics in sports that get brushed under the rug or are shied away from. His favorite sports moment is the first professional football game he got a chance to attend at FedEx Field with his friend Muf when Washington beat Philadelphia in 2014 (take that Muf).
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