State of Sports 10-02-20

Last 2 Weeks in Review

It’s October! We’ve got some exciting things coming up, but first, let’s take a look at what happened the past two weeks in sports. There have been loads of interesting stories with COVID-19 in the NFL, playoffs in three major sports, European soccer being back, and college football slowly returning. Let’s check it out!


It’s been an interesting week in football. The NFL has been sturdy in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic so far, and had strict adherence to its safety protocol. On Wednesday, we outlined the protocols that have been put into place (you can check out that story here). The update on that story is that yesterday the NFL announced that the Titans had two more members of the team test positive, and therefore will be postponing the Titans vs. Steelers game to later in the season. The Vikings have not had any positive tests this week, so their game against the Texans is still on.

We’re not sure if this will be the last outbreak in the league, but how the league will handle this situation will be really telling as to what we can expect in the ever present fear of COVID.

In other football news, Russell Wilson, the man who has never received an MVP vote in his stellar career, is now the MVP favorite after throwing 14 touchdowns in 3 weeks. At this pace, he’s on track to throw 74 touchdowns, which is 19 more than the all time touchdowns in a season record.

Another high riser in the MVP odds is Josh Allen who has had a great start to his season, and has his Bills at 3-0. He started the season at +6600 to win the MVP, but now sits at +1200.

College Sports

The Pac-12 is back in. They will hold a 6 game season starting in November. They are now the last power 5 conference to commit to returning to play after the Big-10 announced they will begin their season in late October. We are now a month away from the closest thing we’ve had to a “normal” college football season. Make sure to check out our blog post on college football opt-outs to see if your favorite player will be playing this season.


This has been a big week for the hockey world. The Tampa Bay Lightning were crowned the Stanley Cup Champions this past Monday – one of the greatest team honors in all of sports. With the bizarre, pandemic-shortened season coming to an end many eyes are set for the coming season. Teams are beginning to look toward the upcoming draft and free agency as the league focuses on handling the As of now the league plans to begin play on December 1, with training camps opening on November 17. While the start date for the season is being pushed back almost 2 months from the usual time, the league still plans to play 82 games at this time. 

One question that has been brought up has been attendance for the upcoming season. This presents a major issue for many teams as attendance makes up an extremely large chunk of team revenue in the NHL. With teams unable to fill stadiums, even for only part of the season, it can place a major financial burden on teams and the league as a whole. At this point no one knows what the fan situation will be for the 2020-2021 season. One major development to be released this past week is that the league does not plan to institute the ‘bubble’ policy used for the playoffs. While the Hockey bubble has been burst there has been little information otherwise, which will definitely be something to look for. 


The biggest news in soccer these past two weeks is that surrounding the champions league draws. Rather than listing off all the groups, I just want to highlight a few of the notable groups. The most difficult of all the groups seems like it is group H. This group has three large clubs with PSG, Leipzig, and Manchester United. While Leipzig definitely feels like the long shot of these three I wouldn’t completely count them out especially considering how far they made it in the competition last year. The easiest of the groups, at least for the large clubs, seems to be group G. While you still have to play the games, it really feels like Juventus and PSG are shoe into to make it out of the group.

What we showed the lights on

Last week we released a podcast where Monty, Muf, and Eli discussed spring football leagues, why they failed, and how one could succeed in the future. Monty wrote a summary of it as well. Enter Your Week With Eli featured stories on Kyler Murray’s early MVP push and how to have constructive conversations about controversial topics in sports. What’s the Midweek Matter featured stories on the NFL’s COVID-19 protocols and notable players who’ve opted out of the 2020 college football season.

What’s coming up?

We release Enter Your Week With Eli, a weekly blog post, on Mondays to start everyone’s week of sports with something interesting. We also release What’s the Midweek Matter, a weekly topical blog post, on Wednesdays. Next week’s podcast will take a look at the many options young basketball players have coming out of high school. The Friday after that will have another State of Sports.



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