Washington Football Team

August 3rd, 2020

By Eli Elstein

Welcome to Enter your Week with Eli! Every Monday I’ll be bringing you a blog post about a subject I found interesting that week. I recently put out a post about the Washington Football Team’s name change, but future subjects might be a little lighter and less mainstream to open up your week of sports.

Speaking of lighter and less mainstream, let’s get back to talking about the Washington Football Team’s name!


Well, since we’re here, why not talk about it? It’s a move I honestly didn’t expect and actually makes a lot of sense. If you haven’t yet figured out what I’m talking about, the team formerly known (for far too long) as the Washington Redskins, will work under the designation of the “Washington Football Team” for the 2020 season. Of all the horrible names they could’ve chosen, a temporary one that is just as descriptive as it needs to be is a win for me, baby. As I previously noted, this is an atrocious time to change team names and completely rebrand. Maybe they read my blog post? I doubt it, but I have a feeling head coach Ron Rivera had something to do with it.

He has stated that the new name might not be ready until the 2022 season! That’s a long time! I have no patience! But hey, aside from the fresh new line of razzing we’ll get from our NFC East rivals, why not spend the time to make it right? I have no problem with the team taking its time to do what is necessary to not be offensive to entire races. I mean, apparently that’s still a problem in America in 2020 for a lot of people, but that’s a discussion for a full podcast I may or may not have written and recorded that is coming soon. I don’t know where anyone would get that idea (it’s honestly really good, make sure to give it a listen when it comes out), but let’s get back to the Washies … Or maybe the FT’s … We’re gonna work on the nickname for a little bit because “Washington Football Team” is a mouthful and I have the tendency to stop talking when names are longer than two syllables.

The colors aren’t changing to red, white, and blue (I was worried for a little bit there), and for now, at least, the magnifying glass can move to other teams with a better shot to win a championship than us. We can now watch our football team grow and our plethora of young players develop. We might even have a team worth a real name by the time we get it. Who knows what the NFL landscape will look like in 2022, but for now, let’s be glad we can sit back and watch football in 2020.

If the season doesn’t get canceled.


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