No More Blog Posts

10/12/2020 Welcome back to the last “Enter Your Week With Eli.” We are stopping our blog and focusing all our attention on the podcast, with the final post coming out on Wednesday. Having three blog posts a week was unsustainable and we were burning out rather quickly. There still may be blog posts in theContinue reading “No More Blog Posts”

Draymond Green and Players Rights When the Lights Go Out

Today we talk about comments Draymond Green made in February regarding players rights versus rights of the team when it comes to trading. We are joined by our friend Shawn (@NeedNoApplause on Twitter and @thevermanator_ on Instagram) while we talk about Draymond's comment. The Instagram post we referenced can be found here. Find us on Instagram @wtlgopod Find us on Twitter @WTLGOpod Find us on Youtube at https://cutt.ly/bkz1w0H
  1. Draymond Green and Players Rights
  2. The 24 Hour Sports News Cycle
  3. The 2008 Florida Gators
  4. The Cost of Mega-Events
  5. The Rooney Rule

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